About us


Interior design is an art that involves several factors. It´s not only about the furniture, its about playing wiht color, volume, illumination, materials, etc…
taking into consideration the budget, the available space, the age of itself & the personality & way of living of the people who inhavit it.


DISAK STUDIO is form by Cristina Ramirez de Ganuza, who after finishing her studies in bussiness school in Zaragoza, she dedicated for complete to her career in interior design in Iade, Madrid, where she met her partner Jerome Le Fouillé, french, who after finishing his studies in Interior Architecture in the school MJM in Rennes, came to Spain to continue his professional education.

Four years of experience working separately with well-known firms & decorators from Spain, support their work.

The mixture of different cultures in their union, as well as the background experience gained along the years, make their projects breath different styles & contrasts of risky strenght & personality. They both belong to a young generation interested in achieving a balance between functionality and design.

They count with a group of technical specialists in the area of construction & structure. As well as they cooperate with
prestigious national and international firms.