The classrooms are also for summer

Surely when you return from vacation you have booked a few days to enjoy your home. Relax, disconnect, make new plans … are activities that you will perform during the last days before returning to the routine and for this there is a space: our room.

For this reason, today we will address in the blog entry of Disak Studio different ideas to give the salons a touch more summery. Small changes so that the space goes to the consonant of the station in which we are. Do you stay to see them?

Salons: small summer gestures
If you consider that it is not the time to make big changes in this space and we simply want a more comfortable and summer lounge, the most practical option is to resort to small gestures. The most recommended is to change fabrics and colors of textiles.

Not only the cushions (we recommend you read this entry: How to place the cushions on the sofa?), Also in tablecloths and even in curtains.

Following with these small gestures for the salons in summer, we can make reference to the visual question. A small painting or mural that takes us to the ocean could be the centerpiece to continue this trend in the rest of the room.

Another idea would be to place accessories in other materials: jute, rattan or water hyacinth could be great options. In addition, they are things that you can take advantage of for your exterior decoration.

And you, do you dare to make these small changes in your living room? Are you adapting the spaces of your house to the stations? We are looking forward to your opinions.

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Get a cooler house in summer

A few weeks ago in the Disak Studio blog we told you some tricks to get better sleep in summer.

In the same line goes today’s entry, but in this case we will focus on more general issues to get a few degrees lower the temperature of our home (also during the day) and get a fresher feeling.

A cooler house in summer: how to get it?
-A planning from the beginning. To get that feeling of a cooler house in summer we must pay attention in space. So, especially in those areas where it is very hot, choosing the right colors and materials can be the key.

-Added by light tones because they attract less light. White is the best option, but neutral tones can also be other options. The darker the color, the more light it will attract and therefore, the more heat. Another idea is to introduce small touches of summer or citrus colors: yellow, orange, …

alt = “coolest house”
Photo by: El Mueble
-Materials and textures: in the same line as the colors chosen for the walls. Sure, especially furniture and carpets will help keep our house cooler. Curtains and bedding should be light. Cotton or linen can be good choices.

-The plants can contribute remarkably to have our house cooler. They renew and purify the air in addition to regulating the temperature naturally. Of course, do not forget that they are living beings and need special attention.

-And finally we remember some of the tips that we indicated at the entrance about sleeping better in summer: do not forget to have the blinds down during the time the sun is up and ventilate at night. Especially the nights when the air visits us.

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Summer plants in outdoor decoration - Disak Studio

This entrance of summer plants in decoration is dedicated to all those lovers of these living beings, but also to those who want to give a new air to their space. So read carefully.

Summer plants in decoration
If we want to decorate a terrace or a garden with plants you must choose those that will resist the high temperatures and the sun of this season. Fortunately there are some summer plants that will resist perfectly. Take note!

-Dalia: is a plant that requires minimal maintenance. With watering 2-3 times a week abundantly is enough. Of course, although you endure the heat must be away from the direct sun.

-Thought: its attractive colors make in any space are well received. Especially in gardens and balconies. Thoughts are summer plants to which the direct sun does not affect. Keep the earth moist and they will be the joy of the garden.

alt = “summer plants”
Photo by: Pinterest
-Geranio: Although they can be exposed to the sun directly these summer plants are, perhaps, something delicate. Do not forget the daily watering but its flowers that start in the spring and extend until November are many colors.

-Petunia: Having it in the sun and high temperatures is not a problem for these summer plants. Its characteristic flowers (bell-shaped) fit well where they are. As with the previous summer plants, the pot must be kept moist.

And you, do you like to introduce natural elements in the decoration of your home? Do you think they are a success or, on the contrary, do they need a lot of maintenance? Tell us

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A garden is a great teacher. Teaches you patience and prudent care, teaches you the industry and savings in the economy, and above all, true confidence.

Decorating summer tables - Disak Studio

The time for long evenings in the garden or terrace has already begun. Barbecues, conversations, laughter, … are insured during the next months.

If you want to become the ideal host, you must take into account some details and decorating summer tables is the first premise that you should take into account.

In Disak Studio’s blog post today we give you some keys to decorate summer tables. You do not need many things, just keep in mind some small details. Then we tell you.

Decorate summer tables: become the perfect host!
Combining chairs: you can have a basic white table and then give a touch combining chairs. Do not forget that the wicker gives a more natural and summery effect.
Colors: par excellence the colors of summer are white and blue. Although you can mix with bright colors and striking: oranges, yellows, greens, … will make your table a creative and fun space.
alt = “decorate tables in summer”
Photo by: Pinterest
Decide on cloth linens. This is the basis of a good table. A white cotton or linen tablecloth will dress your table twice.
Individual trivets: very fashionable. Choose them from raffia or anea. Together with the cloth tablecloth they will make a perfect combination.
Place the dishes and cutlery in a neat and orderly manner. The best recommendation is that, if you’re not sure, you can see one of the millions of tutorials you can find on YouTube.
The final touch: candles or centerpieces. We leave you some related entries of our blog so you can be inspired: Decorate your table in the fall.
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“It is so bad to hurry to leave the guest who does not have it, how to retain the one who wants to leave. The stranger must be entertained while he is with us, and when he wants to leave, we can facilitate his departure. “- Homero

Sort following Marie Kondo's method

Surely you have heard of her. Marie Kondo has become the guru of order thanks to her book published in 2014: “The magic of order, tools to order your house … and your life!”.

Not only is it about ordering, this Japanese proposes a new philosophy of life to achieve well-being within our homes. From Disak Studio we recommend, without doubt, the work of Kondo, but here are some keys to make ordering easier.

Sort following the guidelines of Marie Kondo
Let’s not fool ourselves. If you really want to order your closets, that means eliminating and getting rid of what we do not need. If we do not take this first step, the “rebound effect” will occur in a few days, that is, there will still be many unnecessary things that will create disorder in a short time.
But what do we remove from our closets and our lives? Kondo measures it in happiness. That is, each one must objectively assess if they really need that object and the happiness it brings.
How do I order? Better fold the clothes than hang them because it is easier to locate them visually. Those clothes that must be hung, the author bets to place on the left side that which is more “heavy” visually (coats, sweatshirts, …) and on the right, the lightest garments.
Inside the drawers, although you can not see it, you also have to have everything in order. The boxes are the most effective: socks, underwear, … so everything will always be in order.
And you, did you know Marie Kondo? If you have not yet read “The magic of order, tools to order your house … and your life!”, We recommend it because it is not only to achieve order in your home, but also in your life.

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Sleep better in summer: tricks to spend cool nights

We have several nights in which the heat also lasts at night.

After a long working day what we need is to sleep better. What tips can we follow to sleep more fresh? In this Disak Studio blog post, we tackle this interesting topic today.

Sleeping better: spending cool nights is easy
Choose a fresh bedding: Forget the flannel and bet on the linen. It is a fresh and durable fabric that will allow you to sleep better. Do not be afraid of the iron, if you do it when they are a little wet, you will not have a problem. If you choose cotton, let it be cotton percale.
Do you know what are the mattresses to sleep better in summer? Gel mattresses and viscoelastic are the best option.
alt = “sleep better”
Photo by: Pinterest
Following with the mattress: you must aerate it. In addition to turning over every so often.
Replace the duvet with a quilt. This way you will not leave your bed “naked” only with the sheets and it is cooler than the Nordic one. If you have heat, you can always remove it at night.
Do not forget to keep the blinds down as long as the sun is.
And ventilate at night. Especially the nights when the air visits us.
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Slow decoration: all the keys - Disak Studio

The Slow movement has been with us for a long time. Surely you’ve heard about it, but you have to read this entry that we bring you today in the Disak Studio blog, although we will focus on the slow decoration.

The objective of this movement is to take things more calmly. Yes, as you read it. Take control of time, carry out human activities but with the time they need. In a decelerated way.

And it is that if we think about it well, we live in a society against the clock. Work, consumption, daily life … Therefore this movement provides the possibility of leading a fuller life, so that each individual controls and takes control of his or her own life journey.

The origin of the Slow movement is Rome, Italy. Specifically in the Plaza de España, when in 1986 a Mc Donalds was opened. The journalist Carlo Petrini considered that they were trespassing the limits and advanced the dangers that hung over the alimentary habits of the Europeans. This is how the well-known Slow Food movement would emerge.

Slow Decoration: What is it?
And in the decoration? How did it affect? The goal of slow decoration is to create homes where wellbeing prevails. Places of encounter, of calmness and of relaxation. How to get it?

alt = “slow decoration”

-Apposed by open spaces. For example, connect the living room with the kitchen.

-Create reading spaces with natural light.

-The white can be the key color. Invite to reflect, to the stillness and calmness.

– Do not recharge the spaces. Bet on a minimalist but cozy furniture.

– Natural materials: wood, linen, cotton, …

What do you think about the proposals of slow decoration? Undoubtedly all its features try to collect them in our interior design projects. In which the practicality but also the welfare should prevail.

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Fighting allergies at home - Disak Studio

It’s time for allergies. Those who are allergic to something well know it. In addition, this year, the rain has visited us with great frequency, something that still makes the symptoms more noticeable.

Complicated result for someone who is allergic to typical things: pollen, dust, grasses, … being away from these to be well.

But, inside our house we can carry out some small tricks that can help us to find ourselves better and prevent our home from being a focus of allergies.

Also, you do not have to do anything or install anything new. They are some small, easy and simple routines that will benefit our allergies.

As the El Mueble Magazine reported: “According to the Spanish Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (SEAIC), 33% of Spaniards have some allergy and among these approximately half (some 8 million people) are allergic to plant pollens, mites are the next lucky ones in the list of allergies. ”

Allergies at home: fighting them is simple!
Ventilate daily: It is something basic. But, sometimes, with the rush we forget this fundamental step. Take advantage while doing the bed to have the window open, with 10 minutes is enough. Of course: be careful with pollen !: (you can inform yourself here:
In the kitchen? Small gestures like turning on the hood or drying the countertop well can be key to having allergic bulbs far away.

Talk at School Interior Design - Disak Studio

Teaching is not a vital function, because it does not have an end in itself; the vital function is to learn.

These were some wise words of Aristotle. Learning marks our lives and learning something about what we like, what we love, keeps us motivated during our existence.

For this reason, students attend the Interior Design School, put on the brand by the Complutense University of Madrid and the New Style magazine. There, they offer studies related to interior design and the result (taking into account the prestige of the two entities) is remarkable: students with great training on what they are passionate about.

Yesterday, Saturday May 26, we had the great opportunity to be before the students of the Diploma of Advanced Interior Design to give a talk at Interior School and talk about our experience, work and perception of the sector.