The most important appointments of decoration in 2018

Decoration fairs are always an ideal time to observe new trends, meet new materials and textures and meet different suppliers. Discover the most important appointments of decoration in 2018.

In Disak Studio we like to leave our “comfort zone” and go to investigate events where the best professionals of decoration and interior design meet.

And, what dates should we indicate in our calendar this 2018 as essential? Here we discover the most important appointments of decoration.

Appointments you can not miss in 2018

The list that we present below encompasses destinations in Spain, although it is true that outside our borders there are really remarkable fairs of decoration and interior design. One of them is Maison & Objet (Paris) from which we have just returned. But, the edition that is celebrated in Miami of HOME SHOW, the fair of Oporto, are also noteworthy … (If you want to see a complete list click here).

And in Spain?

-Casa Decor 2018: It is the largest exhibition of interior design and decoration in Europe and takes place in Madrid once a year. You already know that we have been exhibitors for four years. In less than a week a new edition begins.

-Intergift: It is the fair of the gift and the interior decoration. It takes place in several hairs of IFEMA (Madrid). The first edition of the year has just passed, but they come back in September 2018.

-Feria Habitat Valencia: It is one of the most important appointments of decoration in our country. It takes place in Valencia and is dedicated to furniture, lighting and design. It is an international benchmark for its trajectory (they have 54 editions) and its facilities.

And you, do you like to go to these appointments to discover new trends in decoration? No doubt they are shop windows that no lover of the sector should miss.

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Kokedama: a green touch arrived from Japan

A green touch always comes well to any space. Plants bring joy and vitality to any home, but it is true that, like any other living being, they need care.

Some time ago we talked about indoor plants and how to insert them in well decorated spaces. Today, we bring you something very different: it's called Kokedama and it comes directly from Japan.

Kokedama: a different technique

But what is it? The Kokedama is a plant that is grown on a ball of moss, adding substrate and does not have a pot. This technique is directly related to the cultivation of bonsai, due to the small portion of land that both need to grow.

Unlike bonsai, kokedamas do not need much care. You can also buy it or make it yourself: you can mix three parts of peat with one of clay substrate. This mixture has to be moistened to be able to form the ball.

Once the ball is made, you must make a hole and introduce the plant you want (indoor plants are recommended). Then, you must cover the moss ball.

How to maintain it? It is very simple: you must put the ball in water once every two weeks in winter and once a week in summer. Also, it is not good for natural light to have a direct impact on the kokedama because it would cause the moss to dry up.

Due to its round shape, it is very visually attractive and you can even hang it if you fit it into a network. They take up little space and you can even play with the size of the different kokedamas.

Undoubtedly, many tendencies often come from the East. Not only the kokedamas, also screens or photons and minimalism have expanded rapidly by decorating spaces in the West.

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Visit to Paris: Maison & Objet and Déco Off 2018

We begin this week in Paris, as we advance you in our social networks. Although it is true that we had time to visit emblematic places in the French capital, the reason for the trip was purely for work.

In decoration and interior design, as in other sectors (fashion, …), there are trends and we must always be up to date so that our projects are up to date.

So nothing better than traveling to Paris and take advantage to discover many novelties in two events that coincided in time: Déco Off and Maison & Objet.

Visit to Paris to discover the novelties of the sector
The previous Sunday we were in the center of the city discovering Déco Off. There were 115 brands that exhibited in showrooms that were distributed along many streets located on the right and left banks of the Seine River.

During Monday and Tuesday we moved to the Paris Nord exhibition park where Maison & Objet was held. There are eight pavilions, of which five are destined for the home, one for complements and two for influences.

It is really fascinating for lovers of decoration to cross the pavilions destined to the home, since each of them is of a style: eclectic, cozy, elegant, …

They were a few days in which we did not stop taking ideas and discover colors and textures. But, we also had time to enjoy our visit to Paris and walk around emblematic places such as the Eiffel Tower or the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Montmartre.

Decorators and Interior Designers in Madrid - Disak Studio

Are you looking for interior designers and decorators in Madrid? Do you want to give a new look to your home but with a different and elegant project? If so, stay with us the next lines.

In today’s post we want you to meet us. Especially all those who are new here and we take the opportunity to welcome you.

Decorators and Interior Designers in Madrid
About us? Disak Studio was founded more than seven years ago. We are Jerome Le Fouillé and Cristina Remírez de Ganuza, two passionate about interior design and decoration that we come together to create different and special projects, focused on the needs of our clients.

The decoration of a space involves many factors. It is not only the furniture, it is also necessary to play with color, volumes, lighting, coatings …

We like timeless spaces, where we fuse art, trends and decoration. This is our stamp that we have been impregnated in the projects that we have had the opportunity and in the three editions of Casa Decor that we have attended.

In addition, in less than a month, we will have the opportunity to return again to Casa Decor, the largest decoration and interior design exhibition in Spain.

If you are looking for interior designers and decorators in Madrid, you must contact us. We have many ideas that, perhaps, fit with what you are looking for. You can take a look at our projects.

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News in kitchens - Disak Studio

When a new year begins, we say goodbye to some trends (we talked about it last week here) and welcome others.

Today we are going to talk about the novelties in kitchens, some different bets that we are sure you will like. Continue reading!

News in kitchens: What's new!

We must pay attention to the kitchen. Without a doubt, it is one of the most important spaces in the house because it is where family days begin and end.

Meeting point, meeting place, space to cook and order ideas, ... the kitchen is the strategic site of the house. So these are the novelties in kitchens that brings us this 2018 and that we recommend from Disak Studio, since some of them we have already used.

-The country style. No, we refer to putting cowboy touches in our kitchen. This style of decoration is achieved by combining warm and natural colors and different finishes: wood, washed, ...

-Technology is another novelty in kitchens. Control your appliances from a device is ... great !. Turn on your extractor hood or program your washing machine with just one click.

-More wood. Yes, wooden floors are more fashionable than ever and are another novelty in kitchens. Hydraulics, microcement, vinyl ... will continue among us. But, the parquet with knots and cracks seen are very, very good.

- What about the color? There we can contribute little because we always defend that the color of a space is something very personal. If it is true that, the white color will bring that sense of order and cleanliness that combining it with accessories in other colors the result will be ideal.

And you, do you plan to remodel your kitchen in 2018? Do you want advice? Ask us, we know all the novelties in kitchen for this new year.

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Decoration trends that will disappear in 2018

Happy New Year! It is our message in the first entry of the Disak Studio blog. Yes, 2018 has already begun and with it twelve months that, we hope, are full of health and many decoration projects.

As we have done on other occasions, a new year brings new decoration trends. This means that we will also have to say goodbye to others that have been valid during the year that we have just dismissed.

But what decoration trends will disappear in 2018? Here is a short list.

Decoration trends that will be dismissed in 2018
Rose Gold: has accompanied us during the last seasons and was a must have in all the decorations that had a vintage style. But do not you consider that we have exceeded ourselves a little? It was added to cushions, lamps, photo frames, crockery, … Stop! Everything is good in its proper measure.
Lighting “in sight”: Although it is true that in Disak Studio we have always opted for indirect light in our decoration projects, it is a fact that for a long time the points of light have been central pieces of the decoration of a space. It is true that, in certain places, a beautiful lamp can be the common thread of the rest of the decoration, but it has become saturated.

Bamboo flooring: it has been widely used and appeared in all photos of Instagram accounts dedicated to decoration. But, it seems that it is another trend that we will fire this year because it has been proven that its durability is not too high.
Furniture in two tones: For us they are completely out. In Disak Studio we always aim to introduce timeless elements so that the decoration of a space does not go out of style. For that reason, we considered that the furniture in two tones was not a good idea to introduce them, it was one of the trends that were going to go out of style … and that’s how it was!
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Interior design projects that 2017 has left us

It’s the moment! There are two days left of this 2017 and it is when we have to look back and review all the great interior design projects that we have had the pleasure of being able to carry out.

Stay a few minutes here! We tell you some of the most remarkable interior design projects that we have been able to make these last twelve months.

2017: What great interior design projects you have brought us!
We started with our third consecutive year at Casa Decor. On this occasion we devised a living-dining room which we call “Mon petit monde”.

The result? A great interior design project where everything is more than thought to get a nice, cozy and spectacular space.

But we have also developed interior design projects in the capital. We also have others in full development. The latter, in 2018, will be finished and the result, as always, will not leave anyone indifferent.

Christmas inspiration on Instagram - Disak Studio

In today’s blog post from Disak Studio we bring you a selection of the best Christmas-inspired Instagram accounts.

Those of us who are fans and followers of decoration and interior design accounts on Instagram are used, from November, to see spectacular Christmas decorations in beautiful spaces.

Instagram: the best place to find Christmas inspiration
It is an account of decoration and interior design where the white color predominates. They present elegant, simple and cozy interiors in spite of not having much furniture.

His latest publications, related to Christmas, are dominated by small Christmas trees, garlands with fresh leaves and small DIY ornaments.

2. @blessedmommatobabygirls

There are almost 76,000 followers who do not miss the publications of Patsy, an American who has built a dream home. Its Christmas decorations do not leave anyone indifferent.

alt = “Christmas inspiration”
Photo by: Instagram blessedmommatobabygirls
3. @ christmas4you1

We can say that it is the quintessential Christmas account on Instagram. In fact, in your profile we will see “Worlds Biggest christmas account”. And, the truth is that their image is essential if we want to get Christmas inspiration.

Christmas trees, gingerbread cookies, chimneys and snow are the predominant elements in the images of this account followed by more than 147,000 people.

4. @vintageporch

Finally, we recommend that you follow this account. The owner is Natalie Kolter, photographer and decorator. The interiors shown are perfectly designed to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

Photo by: Instagram Vintageporch
Photo by: Instagram Vintageporch
In addition, Chester, Natalie’s dog, is the undisputed star in these beautiful images.

And you, what are your sources of Christmas inspiration to decorate your house? Did you already know these Instagram accounts? Do you recommend another one?

From Disak Studio we wish you a Merry Christmas!

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Gold: the star color of this Christmas

You still have not decorated your house for this Christmas? Or, have you already decorated it but want to give it a spin? Be that as it may, you should know that the star color of Christmas is and will be the golden color.

The previous week we gave you some keys to decorate your house and receive guests on these dates. In this estrada we already announced that the golden color would be a safe bet.

But, in today’s blog entry of Disak Studio we tell you where you can put golden touches. Yes, without being excessive. Continue reading!

The star color of these days: Golden

The star of the tree is a good place to put a golden touch. And in a Christmas tree can not miss balls of this color, but the crown will give an elegant touch.
The candles. A good decorated table will always be presided over by beautiful chandeliers. Choose golden, silver candles and all combined with wood and garlands will be very Christmas.

Decorate your home to receive guests - Disak Studio

Dates are coming when our home will be more crowded than ever. Christmas is a period to celebrate as a family and there is no better place to gather than in our house. It is true that our spaces will always be ready to receive guests but at this Christmas time it is no wonder to adapt to the decorative current and decorate taking into account some basic tips that we expose you below. Decorate your house for these Christmas dates Where do you start to impress your guests? The best place to show that your home breathes Christmas atmosphere is to place a wreath or crown on the front door. In fact, you can do it yourself (in this video you can see how easy it is). In addition, in your home you can not miss the Christmas tree (we talked about it just a few days ago in our blog). Continuing with the living room or the living room, it is in the decoration of the tables where you can develop your creativity. Bet on tablecloths and cloth napkins, centerpieces and candles (very important!). If you want to take ideas look in this post in which we tell you how to decorate the Christmas table. Finally, another essential element on this date to decorate your house is the Easter Flower. Its red color will brighten the room where you place it. Of course, do not forget that you need some care to look pretty (here they tell you how to take care of it). And you, decorate your house to receive guests at Christmas? What add-ons do you add? We would love to meet you, so do not hesitate to share them with us. Still not following us on our social networks? Join Facebook and Instagram.