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Dates are coming when our home will be more crowded than ever. Christmas is a period to celebrate as a family and there is no better place to gather than in our house. It is true that our spaces will always be ready to receive guests but at this Christmas time it is no wonder to adapt to the decorative current and decorate taking into account some basic tips that we expose you below. Decorate your house for these Christmas dates Where do you start to impress your guests? The best place to show that your home breathes Christmas atmosphere is to place a wreath or crown on the front door. In fact, you can do it yourself (in this video you can see how easy it is). In addition, in your home you can not miss the Christmas tree (we talked about it just a few days ago in our blog). Continuing with the living room or the living room, it is in the decoration of the tables where you can develop your creativity. Bet on tablecloths and cloth napkins, centerpieces and candles (very important!). If you want to take ideas look in this post in which we tell you how to decorate the Christmas table. Finally, another essential element on this date to decorate your house is the Easter Flower. Its red color will brighten the room where you place it. Of course, do not forget that you need some care to look pretty (here they tell you how to take care of it). And you, decorate your house to receive guests at Christmas? What add-ons do you add? We would love to meet you, so do not hesitate to share them with us. Still not following us on our social networks? Join Facebook and Instagram.

A Christmas tree made of film - Disak Studio

s November and December come to an end, the classrooms begin to have a new guest: the Christmas tree. This will stay for more than a month and as a further element of the decoration of our home requires special attention.

Each house chooses the Christmas tree that it likes and the result will depend on the style of the house. Before, the green tree (usually made of plastic) was the only one chosen, but now there are endless options: white, recycled, … Which one to choose?

This Christmas have a unique Christmas tree

The first choice begins by choosing the type of tree. As we announced, there are now countless options. White trees are especially elegant if the accessories are in harmony with it.

Although the most widespread doubt is whether it is chosen from plastic or natural. Keep in mind that if you opt for the natural one, you will have to treat it as a living being. And when Christmas is over, you should plant it in the garden.

The second choice comes with the add-ons. There are three things you can not miss: balls, tinsel and the star on the spruce’s beak. Also, at the foot of your Christmas tree a poinsettia will look great.

Encuentro Hispano-Francés interior design and crafts

Last weekend we made a trip to the neighboring country to participate in a meeting that painted very well and that’s how it was, our prejudices were correct.

An encounter with decoration as the central axis

The Chamber of Commerce of France organized a meeting in Amiens * to which we went to interior designers and we were also able to meet with French artisans.

Disak Studio was invited by the French Embassy and we could not miss this event.

The final goal of the meeting was to open new channels of contact and possible future collaborations between professionals from both countries.

The meeting was organized with great care and detail. In addition, it had an extensive program of activities to fulfill the objective pursued.

In short, we came with a very good taste and know that this meeting will bring good consequences. We will keep you informed!

Amiens is a city in northern France, capital of the department of the Somme, 160 km from Paris. It is the city that gave birth to the current President of France, Emmanuel Macron and the place where Jules Verne died.

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A rustic bedroom: yes, it is possible

Maybe your house is not rustic, but you want to give a different touch to your bedroom and turn it into a space with a rustic touch. If so, we invite you to read the lines that we bring you below.

What can not be missing in a rustic bedroom?

When we mention the word “rustic” the first thing that comes to our head is wood. And yes, this is a fundamental element in a rustic bedroom. Also, if it is white or in light tones, the better.

Where can you enter the wood? Start with the headboard, side tables, wardrobe, … So your rustic bedroom will take shape.

As for textiles choose neutral colors and cotton and wool will be ideal. These will give a cozy feeling to the space. In addition, the carpets are a must in this type of decoration.

Light is important in a rustic bedroom. So make the most of natural light and choose curtains that let the sun shine well.

You can also take a look at this publication of the magazine El Mueble where they compile some rustic bedrooms that can give you ideas for your home. Check here

Interior design projects in Madrid - Disak Studio

Begins November, it seems that the cold is coming, we will be in the next edition of Casa Decor and also, we have started new interior design projects and we are already 1,100 followers on Facebook. Can you ask for something more?

It is true that everything comes. After much effort and work the objectives are met and although it is true that we started new interior design projects in Madrid, we always like to look back and see all the work done recently and the results we have obtained.

For this reason this Disak Studio blog entry is dedicated to the latest decoration and interior design projects we have made. Stay to see all the details!

Our latest interior design projects in Madrid

There are places and places. This is one of those sites that when you see in the decoration magazines it seems that it does not exist. But, we can promise you that yes, it is located in a house in Madrid and is designed to be enjoyed.

To do this we had to make the most of the benefits of this beautiful house: lots of natural light, large open spaces (which is not always easy to decorate), a beautiful garden, bathrooms where we could get lost.

alt = “interior design projects in madrid”

So we work taking into account the opinion of the owners and the result leaves no doubt that it is a dream house. We put everything on our part so that the result was equal to the perspectives we had designed for them, and we must say that we achieved it!

In addition, we have other interior design projects underway in Madrid. But before revealing more secrets, we want to have images when everything is taking shape.

Soon we will also dedicate an entry of this blog to our interior design project in the north of Spain. We are sure you will love it!

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III Interior Awards: Disak Studio was there

This week has been unbeatable for the team of Disak Studio: we have started a new interior design project in the northern area of ​​Madrid (which promises and we are looking forward to showing it) and we attended the III Edition of the Magazine Awards Interiors.

The chosen day was Thursday, October 26. The place: the Westin Palace hotel in Madrid. Without doubt, it was a great gala that counted on a great presenter, the actress and model, Laura Sánchez.

In this third edition of the Interior Awards we gather representatives from the world of design and interior design with the premise of celebrating the talent of this sector.

Also the fashion world was very present, and is that as highlighted by the magazine Interiors: “the link is tight and constant. Fashion dresses the house, the sophistication, makes it vibrate mixing trends, times and styles. is that in recent years, the big fashion companies have also launched to develop home lines that contribute a more contemporary vision. On the one hand enrich the perception of space with glamor and elegance of fashion, and, on the other , give a plus to interior design by offering its taylored-fit customization. ”
There were 13 awards, one per category, among which the one given to Pepe Leal for his national career or Martina Klein, in the category of Entrepreneur.

Uncovered wardrobe - Disak Studio

We already announced it in an entry on this blog a few weeks before: the cold was not going to take long to arrive. In fact, this week has greeted us and with him, the change of wardrobe.

So that task that has to be done during this weekend or in the next few days has inspired us to write these next lines and talk about built-in cabinets and the advantages (or inconveniences) of exposing them.

Built-in wardrobes

If you are going to make a built-in closet you are in time to let it out. What are the main advantages or disadvantages?

1. You will get the dressing you always dreamed of.

2. You will save a little money. Undoubtedly, the doors of a built-in wardrobe are a great expense.

alt = “built-in wardrobe”
Photo by: Pinterest
3.If your built-in closet is not very large, having it uncovered will make you gain space.

But, you also have to think other things:

4. For an open cupboard to look, it should always be ordered.

5. You have to be careful with dust. Having no doors, it is easier than dusty clothes.

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Fireplaces with charm - Disak Studio

We are certainly enjoying the so-called “summer”, that is, the time that accompanies us is typical of the summer season although, by calendar, it is already autumn.

We do not know how long the high temperatures that accompany us at this time will last, but what we do not doubt is that, unfortunately (or not, as it is seen), the cold will soon knock on our door.

So by then we must be prepared and have our houses ready. And what better to combat the cold than a selection of charming fireplaces?

Charming fireplaces: a very cozy place

This is our first image and certainly leads the ranking of charming chimneys

Provencal style: a decoration with a camper spirit

We like to see what styles of decoration there are. Some, they go out of style, but after the time they are again present.

Today we are going to enter the Provencal style, which is quite timeless by the qualities that we will tell you next.

Where does the Provencal style come from?

It is necessary to begin situating to Provence in the south-east of France. This region is characterized by its large spaces of vineyards, orchards and fields of lavender.

These elements directly influence the decoration, having a style of its own, the Provencal style, which we can define as a rustic but light stream.

What characterizes the Provencal style

-Color: White. But, attention !, not the pure white, but the range of white: raw, yellowish white, cream, ... Also also introduces light colors like beige, toasted, pearl gray, ...

-Elementos: Earlier we mentioned that the Provencal style is characterized by being a light rustic. To achieve this, it will be necessary to opt for furniture not very bulky and light colored or pickled in white.

-Lighting: Natural light is one of the main features. This will also allow you to save significant energy (about this we talk to you here). We know that having natural light will depend on the location of the house, but try to decorate making the most of this natural energy source.

-Salons: Without a doubt, hydraulics can be a perfect choice. Although wood in light colors, will also make your home a very cozy place. If you do not want to embark on changes of soil, there are carpets with geometric patterns or simulating hydraulic floors that can look great.

-Other details: Do not forget to include indoor plants and other natural elements (remember where the Provencal style comes from). Tablecloths or green touches will fit perfectly.

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How to make your home your paradise - Disak Studio

October begins with something cloudy, but that does not stop us from being full of energy and positivity and above all, with the batteries more loaded than ever to tackle all the projects of interior design and decoration that we are doing in Disak Studio.

In today’s lines we come to talk about a book, or if we follow the words of its author: “a manual to be happy from the inside.” It’s about “Paradise is your home” and Diana Quan has written it. This is his first book and the truth, it has no waste.

Paradise is your house

The main idea of ​​the book is to transform your house into a focus of exterior and interior positivity. To do this, it becomes a manual of tips and strategies, drawing on the wisdom of Chinese and Japanese tradition, along with some Western methods.

Some of the tips we can read to make our home our own paradise are:

-Dormitorio: It recommends that the mirror is not visible and it is installed inside the cabinet door.

-Colors: In this manual we can appreciate the great importance of colors in decoration. For this, we also recommend that you take a look at our entry: meaning of colors in decoration.

-Bathroom: why not have our own spa? the author defends the importance of having a place of the house that transmits us serenity. That’s why, if we have a bathroom, nothing better than having candles, an interior plant and essential oils to create an unbeatable atmosphere.

Have you been wanting to know more details, right? Do not hesitate to purchase this manual, it will be very useful.

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