Garden furniture in the interior of the house - Disak Studio

We take into account that it is the perfect time to use the garden furniture on the outside of the four walls that make up your home.

But, with this entry of our blog we wanted to go a little further and raise the question of whether once the heat ends in the months of September or October we can give a new life to the garden furniture.

This post is also dedicated to those who do not possess an outdoor space but, they would love to have it and own garden furniture. Watch out! In the next few lines we count on how to combine them with the furniture and interior accessories.

Garden furniture indoors: something very simple

In the first outer elements you can fix your attention to turn them into interior pieces are in chairs and tables. Those that are made with synthetic fiber and wood are highly recommended because they adapt to all types of spaces and allow us to create very natural environments.

As for colors, if we had to decide for one, those who follow this blog, you know our priority for white.

Another thing to note, and that is never missing in any garden are the plants. This element is easy to integrate in the decoration of any home. You only have to choose the appropriate indoor plants (we talked about it in this post) and pots that go with the chromatic range of your house. It’s not difficult, is it?

In Disak Studio we always bet on the timeless decoration, that’s why the pieces we choose respond to this. Something similar we do with the furniture of garden, reason why perhaps introducing them in house will not keep out too much with the rest of the decoration.

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Decorating for work at home - Disak Studio

If you want to decorate to work at home you have to read this post because we are going to give you some basic keys so that you do not spend much and you create an environment conducive to work.

Where to begin? It prepares a space to be able to work agusto. If you are lucky enough to have a room that you can dedicate to office, great.

Otherwise, you can enable a gap in the room and decorate it. If the latter is your choice, we recommend you read this Disak Studio blog article: how to decorate a workspace?

Decorating for Work at Home: Tips to Keep in Mind

If your case is to have a room to work, the process of decorating to work at home begins.

First, get rid of everything you do not use, remember that the goal is to have enough space to work agusto and nothing that can make you lose concentration.

Secondly, try to make the most of natural light.It works on the table to make the most of the sun, you should also take into account the position of the radiators.

Thirdly, buy with a head but do not forget that it is a place where you will spend a lot of time, so buy things that are useful and good quality. For example, the work chair should allow you to be in a correct posture.

Fourth, if you have to paint the room, bet on light and neutral colors: white, beig, … They will allow you to concentrate much better and take more time.

And what accessories to use to decorate to work at home? Bet on functional and essential things, although it is true that plants are proven to increase productivity up to 15%. Interesting, right?

Do you want to decorate to work at home and you want ideas? No problem, from Disak Studio we can help you.

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Why visit this edition of Casa Decor?

Lovers of the world of decoration and interior design are well aware of what Casa Decor means. For those of you who are not yet familiar with this event, here are some reasons that will convince you to come and visit us.

What is Casa Decor?

It is the largest interior and decoration event in Europe. The organizers look for a characteristic building of the Madrid capital and they divide it in diverse spaces, each of these will be conditioned by interior designers and decorators.

How is the building of Casa Decor 2017?

The property chosen for this 52nd edition is located in the street Antonio Maura, 8 of Madrid. It is distributed over 4 floors and has two adjoining stairs on both sides of the walls of the adjoining buildings, leaving the central space where the houses are located. There are two interior patios that give light to the internal areas.

How is the Disak Studio space in this edition?

For the third consecutive time we have returned to this event, since the previous two times we feel comfortable and our spaces received very positive opinions.

Terraces: it's time to decorate them - Disak Studio

To the terraces, although they are small we can take advantage to them. How? In today’s entry of Disak Studio blog we tell you everything you need to know to tune your terraces and enjoy them on the summer nights that are about to begin.

Terraces for all tastes

The first thing to note is that the decoration, to a large extent, will depend on the number of square meters you own. If you are lucky enough to have a large terrace, this will give you more play.

On the other hand, if you only have a small space to go out, the options are smaller but you can stay spaces full of charm.

Our first idea is that you bet on the exotic colors and summery. All the shades of green, oranges, yellows and oranges would be perfect to put them in the exterior painting, complements, tables, …

The second idea that we propose from Disak Studio is that you bet by decorating romantic terraces. How to do it? The ivy on the walls will be an indispensable element. In addition, tables and chairs can be wicker or rattan.

What if we think of the little ones? The terraces in summer are a great relief for the children. They are indoors, but outdoors: everything is advantageous. So thinking about them we can install on our terraces games and even a small pool.

The last option that we propose is that you bet for the most functional. A matching pergola with tables and chairs. Where you can recreate is in the accessories (cushions, tablecloths …)

What do you think of our ideas? Do you want from Disak Studio to help you do a project on your terrace? Contact us, we have a thousand ideas that you will surely love.

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The space of Disak Studio in Casa Decor 2017

The space of Disak Studio in Casa Decor 2017

And for the third consecutive year we have returned to Casa Decor. This 52nd edition began on May 10 and will continue until June 18 and has a luxury location: a manor house on the street Madrid Antonio Maura, 8 years.

“Mon petit Monde” is the name of our space this year. The result: a living room where the contrast of styles and materials contributes to a unique and comfortable space, without visual barriers.

We chose two spaces that we have converged into one. It has been created to be lived and enjoyed with family and friends, and where everything is interconnected. With this space Disak Studio we have sought to create poetry in a warm, elegant and functional.

The purpose of the Disak Studio space at Casa Decor 2017 was to create a project that conveyed tranquility, a perfect combination that ensures a balanced, warm and different decoration.

Alt = “space”

As for the materials we have used on this occasion, we can say that everything is designed to achieve the aforementioned objective. The floor is made of vinyl and the wooden carpets have also been included.

In fact, wood has been used exclusively in cabinetmaking such as the sycamore for the bar, eucalyptus for coffee tables and oak root for the dining room table. In addition, all these elements were designed by our study.

Another notable aspect is that for the wall we have chosen to introduce the color blue, in moderation.

In short, in Disak Studio we have opted for a special project in which behind there is much work. We take these lines to thank all those suppliers who have helped us on this trip and in Aalto Furniture.

We wait for you in our space and we will be happy to show you all the corners.

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Tendencias primavera / verano en decoración - Disak Studio

En este mismo blog ya anunciamos a “bombo y platillo” que la primavera había comenzado. Como es propio de este tiempo hay días en que las temperaturas no se corresponden con la fecha en la que estamos, pero eso no quita que continuemos avanzando hacia la esperada estación de verano.

Y al igual que nosotros nos preparamos para la temporada calurosa, nuestras casas también deben adaptarse (dentro de nuestras posibilidades) al tiempo que está por llegarnos. En la entrada del blog de Disak Studio vamos a exponeros cuales son las tendencias primavera / verano de este año. Quédate con nosotros para descubrirlas.

Tendencias primavera / verano 2017 en decoración

Si comenzamos hablando de materiales aquellos a los que les gustan los “elementos nobles” están de enhorabuena: mármol, madera, piedras,… Algo que nos da un sinfín de opciones para crear una decoración veraniega.

Acerca de los colores nuestra recomendación es que apuestes por los tonos clásicos de esta estación. Colores alegres y divertidos donde el verde, azul y las rayas marineras son las protagonistas.


Otro material que seguirá presente y que ya lleva un tiempo acompañándonos como os hemos ido informando es el papel pintado. Además, el verano es el momento para atreverse a añadir tonos más llamativos y divertidos. ¿Qué te parece tener un cabecero con estampado tropical?

Finalmente, nuestro consejo (y quizá el más económico) es que en verano cambies los complementos de tu salón o habitación, como pueden ser los cojines, ropa de cama o baño y accesorios decorativos. Son pequeños detalles pero que daran un nuevo aire a tu espacio.

¿Necesitas consejos para tu casa? Contacta con Disak Studio estaremos encantados de aconsejarte y darte las mejores soluciones para tu casa. Si todavía no conoces nuestros trabajos te recomendamos que visites nuestra web.

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Interior Design Projects in Madrid - Disak Studio

Now that the good weather begins, maybe it’s the best time to carry out interior design projects in Madrid, so take advantage of the lines from this week’s entry on the Disak Studio blog to tell you where to start if you want to give it a new Air to your house or some spaces.

Interior design projects in Madrid

The first step is to clarify. It’s something that seems very simple, but once we get into stuff it’s not so much. What do we mean? Very simple, spend some time thinking about what stays you want to reform, what you want (although we help and guide you later) and how much money you want to invest. If this step settled, then everything will be much easier.

Alt = “interior design projects in madrid”

Second, it resorts to specialists. Forget the prejudice of thinking that hiring interior designers will mean extra money. If you want to carry out interior design projects in Madrid, please contact us. We adapt to the needs of the client and save you big headaches.

How will we help you in Disak Studio? Through your needs, we will design your space.

Once we have the prospects for your future home, we will get to work with an expert team of professionals who will carry out the reform.

Finally, you can not leave our website without visiting our latest interior design projects in Madrid and other areas. We assure you that they will love you and some of them will adapt, just, to what you were looking for.

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Bañeras para tu casa: sí o no - Disak Studio

Las bañeras han ido, poco a poco, dando paso a las duchas porque comparten función y estas últimas son más funcionales y ocupan menos espacio. Pero no debemos subestimar a las bañeras, estas pueden convertirse en un gran aliado para tus días de relax.

Las bañeras tienen un pasado antiquísima, la primera de ellas encontrada data del año 1700 a.C en Creta. Se consideraba que darse un baño sanaba algunas enfermedades, e incluso se le daba una propiedad purificadora del alma. Es en la Edad Media cuando las bañeras, en ocasiones simples tinas de madera, eran más “abundantes”.

No será hasta el siglo XIX cuando se comiencen a producir en Estados Unidos bañeras de hierro fundido, similares a las que hoy conocemos.

Bañeras en la decoración

En Disak Studio consideramos que donde hay espacio incorporar una una bañera y si esta puede ir complementada con una ducha. Y, ¿por qué una bañera le dará un plus a la decoración de tu casa? Aquí te lo detallamos:

1.No hay mejor aliado para relajarse que una bañera llena de agua caliente y sales. Eso sí, hay que tener cuidado con el consumo de agua. Una bañera llena puede albergar muchos litros de agua.


2.No hay duda de que las bañeras son un elemento decorativo por naturaleza. Bien pueden ir empotradas, a ras de suelo o con las patas por fuera.

3.No solo puedes ubicar tu bañera en la sala de baño. Esta puede estar a los pies de tu cama o debajo de la ventana del dormitorio. Piénsalo por un segundo, el resultado sería maravilloso.

4.¿Y si esta es de hidromasaje? El confort ya sería total. Además, estas pueden ir recubiertas siguiendo la línea de la decoración de la estancia donde la ubiques. Todo ventajas, ¿verdad?

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Details that will "spring" your home - Disak Studio

Well yes, we admit that although spring started earlier this week, the time that has accompanied us these days has been “curious”: the sun, rain and snow have greeted us. But, in spite of the low temperatures, soon the sun and the heat will be the usual of every day until last summer. So, why not prepare our house for everything good that is to come?

Details for your home in spring

It is certainly the season of flowers and color by reference. So to “spring” our house we must move this to the interior spaces of the house.

The first proposal that we propose you from Disak Studio is that we bet for the fresh flowers. A pretty vase with a bouquet of fresh flowers (roses, tulips, …) will be a detail that will make a difference besides giving a wonderful smell to the room.

Alt = “details”
Photo by: Pinterest
Those who follow us will know what we like in our studio to bet on the textile details: cushions on the couches, towels in the bathroom, … You can change them every season without much investment. Also the fabrics change of season, the wool and the cotton give more heat, so it opts for the fresher fabrics like the linen.

In this season those who have terraces become the privileged ones because they are given a very frequent use. Let’s take the garden furniture out of the storage room or let them out for some of a different material from the traditional plastic: wicker, rattan, …

If you do not have a terrace and you have a balcony, you can also use it to install flower boxes that bring joy to your windows.

And you, have you made any changes for this station yet? Bet on small details is the key.

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