Porch: give a new life to this space

Do you have a porch in your house? You do not know the luck that you have because, although at first sight it may seem that it has little use, if you manage to give it a new touch, the porch can be a very useful element in your house.

If on the other hand, you do not have it but if you have a garden, go for it! you can install one attached to your facade.

A porch: a new life to your garden
Is it useful to have a porch? Of course! This will not only allow you to have long evenings in the open air. You can enjoy fresh breakfasts and avoid the sun during your long meals and after-dinner. You will give much more life to your garden.

Which material is the best option? You can install it in wood or aluminum. Both materials have advantages (and also disadvantages). Perhaps, you should evaluate both options and choose the one that best suits the characteristics of your home (and your pocket).

Another option may be to carry out the work. With this option you will not have to worry about its maintenance although it may mean a higher initial investment.

Is it really hard to install a porch in my house? Answering this question will depend on your choice. Think that the reward can be very rewarding.

Are you decided? Get in touch with Disak Studio. We can plan the porch with which you dream! Is easier than it looks like.

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“Once in a while it disappears, take a little break, so that when you get back to work your judgment will be more accurate.” It takes a certain distance, because that way the work seems smaller, most of it can be assimilated in the blink of an eye , and the lack of harmony and proportion is easier to see. ” Leonardo da Vinci.

Color: key element in a decoration

Those who have read us for a while in this space, know how important color is in Disak Studio projects.

Although we are very inclined to always include in our projects neutral and soft tones such as white, beige, … that give the space a note of elegance and masculinity, we understand that with the arrival of spring and in a short time, summer, it feels like Include a note of color in the projects.

For this reason, in today’s entry of the Disak Studio blog we have selected some images of spaces where color is the key and that, make the view happy!

Your home takes care of your health - Disak Studio

n our house we spend many hours a day, a long time. For what it should be, in addition to a pleasant and comfortable space, a healthy place.

How can we live in a house that takes care of our health? Here we present a series of basic tips to follow in day to day.

Health at home is also first
Ventilate every day: even if it is winter and the temperatures outside are low, our house and especially the bedroom need to renew the air. In addition, in this way we avoid humidity or radon (a gas that can be filtered through the subsoil of your home).
Paints and renewable and organic materials. By choosing, this decision is not only good for our health, but also for the environment.
alt = “health”
Photo by: Pinterest
Filters in the water if we decide to consume the tap water. It’s as simple as installing them in the faucets in the kitchen and bathroom. This will reduce the levels of trihalomethanes (cancer molecules that are formed by the action of chlorine in organic compounds).
Put aside the insecticides or chemicals to carry out the cleaning of your home. In substitution uses home remedies: vinegar, … or cleaners without perfumes.
Also related to chemicals, avoid retardants: they are usually present in mattresses, all types of fabrics and some appliances. Verifying what we buy before making the decision to carry it out can be very beneficial for our health.
And you, do you carry out this type of actions? Do you know others? As you can see, they are very simple actions but they can give us great benefits for our health.

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Goodbye to another magnificent edition of Casa Decor

How quickly time passes! It has been almost a week since the building located on Francisco de Rojas Street in Madrid closed its doors and with it, the 53rd edition of Casa Decor ended.

It was our fourth year exhibiting a project in the largest exhibition of decoration and interior design in Europe, and although it has been finished and we have said goodbye, it has left us with great sensations.

Casa Decor 2018: an edition to which we have already said goodbye
The big thing this year is that it has beaten record of visitors: more than 49,000 visitors have had the pleasure of touring the historic building and discover the 67 spaces and more than 3,100 meters of exposure.

As for the professionals, we have been around 60% who had already participated in previous editions. While 40% were studios and professionals who premiered in this magnificent show.

What are the trends we have encountered? Regarding materials, the stone and velvet could be seen in a large number of spaces. In addition, granite, marble, onyx or alabaster have also been very present in kitchen islands, tables, headboards, …

In Disak Studio we presented a room, which we gave the name of “Estar de Lujo”. Its fundamental axes were materials and light.

Regarding the materials we bet on wood, silk and stone to obtain an elegant, timeless, masculine space and above all that invited to relax and enjoy. In a word, it was a space for “Being Luxury”.

In addition, following the line of previous years, we decided to incorporate, we have decided to incorporate one more year, works of art that confer a touch of distinction to the space.

We have said goodbye but we have received very good vibrations: from visitors, colleagues, suppliers, … Receiving positive reviews gives us the strength to work hard and dedication in our work.

See you soon!

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Cocooning: Your house, your best refuge - Disak

Maybe with the word cocooning you do not know what we are talking about. But, if we say that this word refers to those people who love to be at home and, above all, enjoy it, you will remember it for the future.

It is also sometimes used nesting (nest: in English), but really the trend is called cocooning.

This word was coined in 1990 by Popcorn, a trendsetter and defined as “a trend in which the individual socializes less and less and retires to his home, which becomes his strength.”

The word comes from cocoon (cocoon in English, by the action of hiding) and is a trend that is on the rise, as the rise of the Internet and content platforms significantly influence.

Are you a cocooner? Surely you practice cocooning …
What are the keys to know that you practice cocooning? Here are the following:

Carefully care for the decoration of your home, to make this your favorite place where you can relax and disconnect. At Disak Studio we like to help our clients to achieve timeless and warm spaces.
Before going out there, you prefer that your house be the meeting place with family and friends. To do this, you take care of all the details to be a good host: well placed table, crockery, …
Inside your home you have your favorite place. A corner that is special for something: light, no noise, …
Especially in winter, you think that the best plan that can exist is to stay at home to rest, read, watch television … with some candles. Is there a better plan?
Despite these issues, practicing cocooning does not mean being an asocial person. Simply, prefer your house as a meeting place.

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Spring: what do you bring to the decoration?

Yes, it is already spring and this year we have won it because the winter has been long. But, with this new season, in addition to better temperatures, new colors and new trends in decoration arrive.

We have reviewed some low cost decoration brands and found some trends that spring leaves us. In addition, they allow to build timeless spaces. Then we discover them.

Spring: ideas that leaves us in decoration
Natural tones: powdered rose, makeup, … combined with white, beige and even terracotta. They are ideal combinations to make the most of natural light.
Natural elements: the introduction of plants, few but of a considerable size are introduced in spaces such as living rooms or terraces. In fact, Zara Home inspires its new line in botany.

Modernist and minimalist touches with simple lines.
The rustic spaces become protagonists. Combined with natural elements and materials such as wicker, the result is spectacular.
Golden with caution. Although we consider that gold is a trend that already said goodbye to us the previous season, there are brands that still introduce decorative elements in this color. If you like it, go ahead, but with some restraint.
Our house has to become an oasis of peace and tranquility.
Do you want to take ideas? Then you have to come to Casa Decor 2018, it is the largest and most important interior design exhibition in Europe. In each space there are proposals from professionals where the trends of this spring are collected, but you will also find timeless proposals.

From Disak Studio we have opted for a room that we have called “Estar de Lujo”. A timeless, elegant and masculine space where the quality of materials has been one of the main premises.

We will be in space 58 until March 25.

Presentation to the Jury of Casa Decor: "Be Luxury"

Jerome Le Fouillé, interior designer of Disak Studio, shows the jury of Casa Decor the space “Estar de Lujo”.

It is an elegant and masculine lounge where wood, silk and stone have a special role. It is, without doubt, some coatings that put the note of originality.

You have until March 25 to discover this space in which so much enthusiasm, joy and work we have overturned. We wait for you!

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Disak Studio - Casa Decor 2018

After ten days in march, the time has come to present our followers of the Disak Studio blog our space at Casa Decor 2018.

Surely they have already seen images on our social networks but, we wanted to share more details and sensations of space 58 in Calle Francisco de Rojas, 2 (Madrid) that so many joys is not contributing.

Since the presentation of the house we were clear that we wanted a space that would impact and be striking but without losing the essence that characterizes us: elegance, timelessness, masculinity, … Thus we have presented the living room “Estar de Lujo” where every detail is thought to the millimeter.

We present the “Estar de Lujo” living room at Casa Decor 2018
The keys to “Being Luxury” have been the materials and the light. Thus, we have obtained a space that invites you to disconnect, relax and enjoy.

The materials that predominate are wood, silk and stone. Some coatings that put the note of originality.

In addition, as it could not be otherwise, we have chosen to incorporate another year, works of art that confer an elegant touch to the space.

You have until March 25 to discover this space in which so much hope, joy and work have returned. We wait for you!

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The most important appointments of decoration in 2018

Decoration fairs are always an ideal time to observe new trends, meet new materials and textures and meet different suppliers. Discover the most important appointments of decoration in 2018.

In Disak Studio we like to leave our “comfort zone” and go to investigate events where the best professionals of decoration and interior design meet.

And, what dates should we indicate in our calendar this 2018 as essential? Here we discover the most important appointments of decoration.

Appointments you can not miss in 2018

The list that we present below encompasses destinations in Spain, although it is true that outside our borders there are really remarkable fairs of decoration and interior design. One of them is Maison & Objet (Paris) from which we have just returned. But, the edition that is celebrated in Miami of HOME SHOW, the fair of Oporto, are also noteworthy … (If you want to see a complete list click here).

And in Spain?

-Casa Decor 2018: It is the largest exhibition of interior design and decoration in Europe and takes place in Madrid once a year. You already know that we have been exhibitors for four years. In less than a week a new edition begins.

-Intergift: It is the fair of the gift and the interior decoration. It takes place in several hairs of IFEMA (Madrid). The first edition of the year has just passed, but they come back in September 2018.

-Feria Habitat Valencia: It is one of the most important appointments of decoration in our country. It takes place in Valencia and is dedicated to furniture, lighting and design. It is an international benchmark for its trajectory (they have 54 editions) and its facilities.

And you, do you like to go to these appointments to discover new trends in decoration? No doubt they are shop windows that no lover of the sector should miss.

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Kokedama: a green touch arrived from Japan

A green touch always comes well to any space. Plants bring joy and vitality to any home, but it is true that, like any other living being, they need care.

Some time ago we talked about indoor plants and how to insert them in well decorated spaces. Today, we bring you something very different: it's called Kokedama and it comes directly from Japan.

Kokedama: a different technique

But what is it? The Kokedama is a plant that is grown on a ball of moss, adding substrate and does not have a pot. This technique is directly related to the cultivation of bonsai, due to the small portion of land that both need to grow.

Unlike bonsai, kokedamas do not need much care. You can also buy it or make it yourself: you can mix three parts of peat with one of clay substrate. This mixture has to be moistened to be able to form the ball.

Once the ball is made, you must make a hole and introduce the plant you want (indoor plants are recommended). Then, you must cover the moss ball.

How to maintain it? It is very simple: you must put the ball in water once every two weeks in winter and once a week in summer. Also, it is not good for natural light to have a direct impact on the kokedama because it would cause the moss to dry up.

Due to its round shape, it is very visually attractive and you can even hang it if you fit it into a network. They take up little space and you can even play with the size of the different kokedamas.

Undoubtedly, many tendencies often come from the East. Not only the kokedamas, also screens or photons and minimalism have expanded rapidly by decorating spaces in the West.

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