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The Slow movement has been with us for a long time. Surely you’ve heard about it, but you have to read this entry that we bring you today in the Disak Studio blog, although we will focus on the slow decoration.

The objective of this movement is to take things more calmly. Yes, as you read it. Take control of time, carry out human activities but with the time they need. In a decelerated way.

And it is that if we think about it well, we live in a society against the clock. Work, consumption, daily life … Therefore this movement provides the possibility of leading a fuller life, so that each individual controls and takes control of his or her own life journey.

The origin of the Slow movement is Rome, Italy. Specifically in the Plaza de España, when in 1986 a Mc Donalds was opened. The journalist Carlo Petrini considered that they were trespassing the limits and advanced the dangers that hung over the alimentary habits of the Europeans. This is how the well-known Slow Food movement would emerge.

Slow Decoration: What is it?
And in the decoration? How did it affect? The goal of slow decoration is to create homes where wellbeing prevails. Places of encounter, of calmness and of relaxation. How to get it?

alt = “slow decoration”

-Apposed by open spaces. For example, connect the living room with the kitchen.

-Create reading spaces with natural light.

-The white can be the key color. Invite to reflect, to the stillness and calmness.

– Do not recharge the spaces. Bet on a minimalist but cozy furniture.

– Natural materials: wood, linen, cotton, …

What do you think about the proposals of slow decoration? Undoubtedly all its features try to collect them in our interior design projects. In which the practicality but also the welfare should prevail.

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Fighting allergies at home - Disak Studio

It’s time for allergies. Those who are allergic to something well know it. In addition, this year, the rain has visited us with great frequency, something that still makes the symptoms more noticeable.

Complicated result for someone who is allergic to typical things: pollen, dust, grasses, … being away from these to be well.

But, inside our house we can carry out some small tricks that can help us to find ourselves better and prevent our home from being a focus of allergies.

Also, you do not have to do anything or install anything new. They are some small, easy and simple routines that will benefit our allergies.

As the El Mueble Magazine reported: “According to the Spanish Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (SEAIC), 33% of Spaniards have some allergy and among these approximately half (some 8 million people) are allergic to plant pollens, mites are the next lucky ones in the list of allergies. ”

Allergies at home: fighting them is simple!
Ventilate daily: It is something basic. But, sometimes, with the rush we forget this fundamental step. Take advantage while doing the bed to have the window open, with 10 minutes is enough. Of course: be careful with pollen !: (you can inform yourself here:
In the kitchen? Small gestures like turning on the hood or drying the countertop well can be key to having allergic bulbs far away.

Talk at School Interior Design - Disak Studio

Teaching is not a vital function, because it does not have an end in itself; the vital function is to learn.

These were some wise words of Aristotle. Learning marks our lives and learning something about what we like, what we love, keeps us motivated during our existence.

For this reason, students attend the Interior Design School, put on the brand by the Complutense University of Madrid and the New Style magazine. There, they offer studies related to interior design and the result (taking into account the prestige of the two entities) is remarkable: students with great training on what they are passionate about.

Yesterday, Saturday May 26, we had the great opportunity to be before the students of the Diploma of Advanced Interior Design to give a talk at Interior School and talk about our experience, work and perception of the sector.

Interior design and decoration project in Madrid

A few days ago, on our Facebook we told you that we had been doing a photo shoot in an interior design and decoration project in Madrid that we just delivered.

Well, today we can show you the result. We are going to share some of the images of this impressive work that we have carried out in the Madrid neighborhood of Salamanca.

It was a comprehensive project of a house of more than 300 square meters. The result has been grand, elegant, timeless spaces … but with color to give personality to these places.

From the first minute, our clients trusted in our doing, although we have always been very aware of their tastes, needs and decisions.

Interior design and decoration project in Madrid

Wallpaper that inspires - Disak Studio

Our taste for wallpaper is not new. Those who follow us a long time ago, know that it is a resource that we use in our interior design and decoration projects.

The reasons why wallpaper can become a decorator’s best ally when it is transforming a project, we are going to show them in the entrance of the Disak Studio blog today. Do you stay to read it?

Wallpaper for interior spaces: A good option
For all spaces: Do not be afraid to include wallpaper in places like the kitchen or bathroom, because this material has improved significantly. New materials, such as vinyl paper, allow it to be wetted and washed without it spoiling.
In new places and as a complement: How would you like to include wallpaper on the headboard of the bed? A good choice would save you from including a wooden headboard or any other material. It is only a matter of choosing a wallpaper that stands out and becomes the protagonist of the bedroom.
Colors, textures and various forms. It’s over with a plain or striped color. Today’s wallpaper offers endless possibilities: different and original textures, prints, … Dare!
alt = “wallpaper”
Photo by: Pinterest
Children are the great beneficiaries of this material: Yes, because taking into account the multitude of drawings that can be found on the wallpaper, you can create a room for the little ones inspired by their hobby or favorite animated character.
A simple installation: It is another advantage of including wallpaper in the rooms. Yes! Leave that job for professionals.
What if I get tired of him? Well, very simple, it is removed and a different one. But remember that being bored with color can also happen to you with paint.
All are advantages as you can see. Go ahead and bet on the wallpaper in your next change!

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Interior design studio in Madrid

Are you looking for an interior design studio in Madrid? Do you want to give a new air to your home? Then you have to read this post because we share some of the latest works we have done in Disak Studio.

Interior design studio in Madrid: Disak Studio
One of the last major projects of 2017 and early 2018 was the complete renovation of a magnificent house in the north of Spain. Specifically, in San Sebastián.

The location could not be better: in front of La Concha beach. So the goal of this transformation was to maximize the breathtaking views and the large amount of natural light that counted the space.

If it is true that they were large rooms and had to be made into elegant and warm places. The result you can judge yourself with the perspectives we propose to their owners.

Presentation of the new organization of Maison & Objet

On April 26 we had the pleasure of attending the Residence of the Ambassador of France in Spain, Yves Saint-Geours, to attend the event to present the new organization of the Maison & Objet fair.

It is a fair that we visited recently (as we tell you in this blog post), as well as being a benchmark for the sector, so we went to this event with pleasure.

It was Philippe Brocart, General Director of SAFI, organizing company of the show who highlighted the new organization of the next edition of the French event. This will be structured around two axes: Maison on one side, and Object on the other.

A new organization for Maison & Objet
This new approach aims to make the appointment grow and make it easier for attendees to visit.

In addition, some key points of the next edition that will take place in September as the dedication of pavilion 6 to the new talents of Lebanon were also revealed. Young designers who have been chosen by the members of the jury of the Rising Talents Awards and who combine local manufacturing techniques to create unique pieces.

There was an intervention by Jaime Hayón, Designer of the Year in 2010, who highlighted the qualities of the event, a space that has become a nursery of novelties, textures and materials.

We also learned important data such as the great Spanish presence at the fair year after year. In fact, the numbers that were presented were around 120 exhibitors and 2,400 visitors.

To end the meeting, we could enjoy a cocktail in the gardens of the residence in addition to connecting with colleagues. We take advantage of these lines to thank the invitation to the act and we are already looking forward to the new appointment of “Maison & Objet”.

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Porch: give a new life to this space

Do you have a porch in your house? You do not know the luck that you have because, although at first sight it may seem that it has little use, if you manage to give it a new touch, the porch can be a very useful element in your house.

If on the other hand, you do not have it but if you have a garden, go for it! you can install one attached to your facade.

A porch: a new life to your garden
Is it useful to have a porch? Of course! This will not only allow you to have long evenings in the open air. You can enjoy fresh breakfasts and avoid the sun during your long meals and after-dinner. You will give much more life to your garden.

Which material is the best option? You can install it in wood or aluminum. Both materials have advantages (and also disadvantages). Perhaps, you should evaluate both options and choose the one that best suits the characteristics of your home (and your pocket).

Another option may be to carry out the work. With this option you will not have to worry about its maintenance although it may mean a higher initial investment.

Is it really hard to install a porch in my house? Answering this question will depend on your choice. Think that the reward can be very rewarding.

Are you decided? Get in touch with Disak Studio. We can plan the porch with which you dream! Is easier than it looks like.

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“Once in a while it disappears, take a little break, so that when you get back to work your judgment will be more accurate.” It takes a certain distance, because that way the work seems smaller, most of it can be assimilated in the blink of an eye , and the lack of harmony and proportion is easier to see. ” Leonardo da Vinci.

Color: key element in a decoration

Those who have read us for a while in this space, know how important color is in Disak Studio projects.

Although we are very inclined to always include in our projects neutral and soft tones such as white, beige, … that give the space a note of elegance and masculinity, we understand that with the arrival of spring and in a short time, summer, it feels like Include a note of color in the projects.

For this reason, in today’s entry of the Disak Studio blog we have selected some images of spaces where color is the key and that, make the view happy!

Your home takes care of your health - Disak Studio

n our house we spend many hours a day, a long time. For what it should be, in addition to a pleasant and comfortable space, a healthy place.

How can we live in a house that takes care of our health? Here we present a series of basic tips to follow in day to day.

Health at home is also first
Ventilate every day: even if it is winter and the temperatures outside are low, our house and especially the bedroom need to renew the air. In addition, in this way we avoid humidity or radon (a gas that can be filtered through the subsoil of your home).
Paints and renewable and organic materials. By choosing, this decision is not only good for our health, but also for the environment.
alt = “health”
Photo by: Pinterest
Filters in the water if we decide to consume the tap water. It’s as simple as installing them in the faucets in the kitchen and bathroom. This will reduce the levels of trihalomethanes (cancer molecules that are formed by the action of chlorine in organic compounds).
Put aside the insecticides or chemicals to carry out the cleaning of your home. In substitution uses home remedies: vinegar, … or cleaners without perfumes.
Also related to chemicals, avoid retardants: they are usually present in mattresses, all types of fabrics and some appliances. Verifying what we buy before making the decision to carry it out can be very beneficial for our health.
And you, do you carry out this type of actions? Do you know others? As you can see, they are very simple actions but they can give us great benefits for our health.

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